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By now, you’re probably tired of hearing about who’s sick of the pandemic, and who’s sick from it. It’s time for a break! Mask up, wash your hands, and stay back 6 feet — it’s time again for Cool New Tech.

Samsung Surprises

photo of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

This pretty little thing is the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

That foldable future we told you about is a little bit closer with the preorder release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G. (Try saying that five times fast.) Like the original Z Flip, the screen measures 6.7 inches, but the phone folds completely into a near-square shape, or can be propped in an L-configuration like an itty bitty laptop. (A feature which also allows you to shoot very stable photos and video.)

The company released the original Z Flip in February 2020 (way back in the Before Times), but it was not optimized for 5G networks. In addition to the 5G upgrade, the new version comes in different colors than the original. While you can preorder now, the compact-style folding phone officially goes on sale August 7.

But wait! There’s more from Samsung. (We’re not getting money from them, we swear.) Remember that, uh, “newsworthy” foldable from a while back that let dust into the hinge and had a very peelable touchscreen cover? That was an early model of the Galaxy Fold by Samsung, and it has come a long way, baby. Rumor has it that a new model of the Fold, the Fold2 5G, is coming soon. The much-improved hinge appears to reduce the amount of gap at the top and bottom of the full screen when opened. Overall, the hinge appears more snug and secure to keep out dust and grit.

Oddly, Samsung has not officially released Galaxy Fold2 ordering information. In fact, the promotional banner on their Galaxy Fold page features… the Z Flip 5G. Stay tuned for Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event (online this year, because, of course) for more details.

New Post-Ransomware Business Technology

The hottest trend in running a business after a ransomware attack appears to be… (checks notes) paper and pen? It’s true! A hospital in New York State is still running after a ransomware attack, using this retro tech that is sure to be all the rage among unprotected medical facilities and businesses. Stock up today! (To be fair, at least they had rehearsed for this and had some kind of plan in place.) Learn about a great new security tool to prevent ransomware here.

Meanwhile, Back in the Ocean

Finally, in the terrifyingly-small “not everything in 2020 is horrible” category, a group of scientists is using manufacturing technology to restore coral reefs. Working with prototypes so far, the group, Coral Maker, premakes coral-shaped “skeletons” from stone material, using dry casting. Then a robot arm “seeds” the skeletons with live coral fragments. The premade skeletons give the corals a kickstart, helping them reach adult size in about 6-18 months instead of the natural maturation rate of 3-10 years. Once placed in the ocean, the corals should go on to live happy coral lives, bonding with other corals to form a colony. We love a happy ending!

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