How long could your company stay in business without any of your data?  Backup and Disaster Recovery Services need to be a priority for any business.

What’s your disaster recovery plan? Does it meet all your industry regulations?  Is your backup secure and at an offsite location?  Has your backup been tested in the last 30 days?

A disaster recovery plan is much more than just a simple backup.  A comprehensive plan takes into consideration all aspects of your technology.  Also it takes into consideration your number one resource – your people.  What if they can’t get a hold of you?  How do you communicate with one another?  Disaster Recovery services from TAZ Networks are integrated into our flat fee Complete Managed IT Care plans.

At the very least once a day, or once a week, does someone take your backup and make sure to place it in a safe offsite location? While swapping out hardware at your local office is better than no backup, TAZ Networks now recommends offsite backup to our clients as a more secure solution. After all, what happens the day you go to restore a file and find that the backup is missing or damaged? What if the swap wasn’t done? Now you are even farther behind.

We offer two solutions for data backup that both allow for easy, quick restoration of files: a simple, offsite data transfer and a full-bodied server replication program.

TAZ Cloud Backup
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Make sure that Disaster Recovery services are a priority in your business.

TAZ Cloud Backup is a lower-cost remote backup and disaster recovery option that includes offsite storage and archiving.

TAZ Cloud Backup offers the following advantages:

  • Never have to swap a backup device or drive ever again.
  • Never worry about hard drive or tape failures.
  • Fully managed and automated by TAZ Networks.
  • Monthly restore testing done by TAZ Networks.
  • Never worry about lost or stolen external backup devices.
  • Complete flexibility to adjust the amount of archival space your business needs.
  • Low per GB pricing, billed monthly, with no additional hardware to purchase.

It is a lower cost option than our Standby Server and lacks some of the more complex business continuity options. However, for basic disaster recovery, TAZ Cloud Backup can help you sleep easier at night.

Standby Server

Ever wish you could have a failed server back up and running in 30 minutes or less? Do you need to automate your backup processes? Are you prepared for a disaster?

How long can your company afford a down server? If you lost your server, how much would it cost you for each hour that you did not have access to vital data? Do you have a total disaster recovery plan in place? Is business continuity something that you haven’t given much thought?

Your server is the backbone of your computer network. Every minute that a server is down costs real dollars in productivity, lost sales, and time spent recovering data.

Our Standby Server Solution helps ensure the survival of your business, even in the face of a downed server, failed server or disaster. There is no better business continuity solution.

Our standby server technology starts as low as $299 a month and gives a comprehensive solution:

  • Provides high availability, redundant off-site co-location facilities.
  • Includes offsite backup and data storage to give you a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.
  • Brings failed servers up in minutes, not days or hours, giving you fast access to the essential data that keeps your business running.
  • Replaces management-intensive, error-prone tape backup with a quickly deployed onsite device.
  • A comprehensive data protection business continuity solution.

Don’t let system failures, malicious attacks, or property damage threaten your business!

backup services Michigan, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Wixom, Southfield, Livonia, Brighton and Howell
disaster recovery services Michigan, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Wixom, Southfield, Livonia, Howell and Brighton

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