Network Installation, Design & Build

Are you moving locations or adding a location and need a new network installation design or build out?
Does your existing network design cause your employees to go get a coffee while a file downloads?
network design network build

TAZ Networks can provide proven network design and network builds.

Network design, network installations and network build outs can be the stuff that legends are made of. No one wants a slow network.  Ever tried to download a 100 MB file on a slow network? Yeah, we know. We do it all the time during assessments and just shake our heads. When it comes to your network nothing should be left to chance. Proper network design and network build-out can save your business tens of thousands of dollars in lost salary due to employees waiting for technology.

TAZ Networks has researched and designed networks from the very small to multicampus businesses. Each network has its own unique characteristics and thus needs to be treated individually while at the same time recognizing design standards and best practices. Let our team listen to your goals for your technology and craft a network design that suits your needs. Our team will then assist in the network buildout making sure that your solution is a complete one that is looked after from start to finish.

What makes a great network design?

  • Fast, consistent speeds of all communication devices
  • Well laid out and meets best practices for connecting equipment, such as switches and routers
  • Central equipment or server room that is secure and well maintained
  • Neat and professional looking interconnections
  • Meets business technology requirements
  • Sized appropriately for the size of the business
  • Not multi-million dollar when less will do just fine
  • Build out done on time and in budget
  • Client documentation that provides an entire overview
  • Connections at convenient and expected locations, anticipating future needs
  • Wireless implementations that give consistent and blanket coverage

Let us assist you with your next network design, network installation or network build project. Just let us know your current need by contacting us on the right.

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