How good is your Network Security?

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Let TAZ Networks make sure your entire network security is up to date and well managed.

Your network is where your data is. It is the heart of your business. Your business is only as good as the network security that it runs on. If someone was to get your data, how long would you last? Network security is something that everyone wants but sometimes take for granted. We make sure to never let that happen.

With the growth of cloud solutions, security has become even more serious. If your users will be connecting to cloud solutions are they doing so in a secure manner that doesn’t violate best practices? There must be a fine line between causing users pain and making sure your security isn’t open for either hackers or disgruntled employees to gain access.

Do you have documented network security standards? Every business needs to make sure that security starts with each employee. Are policies in place to make sure the business is protected from employees that could cause issues? Simple password changes are not enough. A comprehensive security review can reveal weak points in your network security.

What does good Network Security look like?

  • Well-documented standards
  • Up to date anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Regular password changes
  • Proper network design
  • Physical security reviews
  • HR standards that are up to date and published in the company handbook
  • 24×7 monitoring of security break ins or attempts
  • Alerts of viruses or malicious content
  • Firewall intrusion detection policies
  • Gateway anti-virus
  • Web filtering for known malicious sites or objectionable content
  • Proper backup and archival procedures
  • Firmware and Operating System updates
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