Need a Chief Information Officer, but don’t want to pay for a full-time person? Our Virtual CIO (vCIO) services are a perfect fit.

Our President leads our vCIO and Virtual CIO Service teams.

Is your business getting to the point where you need to organize your technology? You finally decided you need a true budget and forecasting to help with your technology expenditures in the future. You want someone or “some thing” to research those technology projects that everyone is hounding you for but no one has the expertise to do. A Virtual CIO (vCIO) service may be just what you need.

Let our Virtual CIO (vCIO) services help! With a managed IT plan from TAZ Networks, we become your outsourced IT team. That includes leadership with years of experience. Our vCIO services help you to truly get a grip on what technology can do for you and what is and isn’t working right now. Our technology team is mentored by experienced, proven leaders that make sure to get input from your management, staff and workers so that technology works effectively for you – and not you slaving for your technology.

Why get a Virtual CIO (vCIO)?

  • Proven leadership that you don’t have to go find yourself
  • Experience with hundreds of businesses
  • Leader-to-leader communication and accountability
  • Best practices in technology that are documented and followed on
  • Peer reviews to make sure state of the art technology is being used
  • Initial assessment included with every plan
  • Year over year technology budget provided in plain English
  • Direct communication with business principals
  • Straight laced technology speak that won’t over promise

Virtual CIO (vCIO) services are a real benefit to businesses that are growing and expanding at a quick pace. A vCIO can get you a leg up on technology that shows you what is coming in the future. Businesses today that don’t run technology are left to die a quick death. Make sure that providing technology in the right way is paramount to your success.

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