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IT Security is ever evolving. Are you up to speed?
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Total network security can be the cause for many sleepless nights for business owners. What if someone on the outside hacked all of your client or customer records? Worse, what if confidential customer data was breached? All businesses need managed network security. TAZ Networks can assist. With our comprehensive security overview and services, we can help to solidify and monitor potential weaknesses in your network. How can we assist you?

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Let our managed IT network security team help you.

Managed Firewall 

Never worry about updating your firewall again. With our provided service, TAZ Networks takes responsibility for your firewall and will replace it with a state-of-the-art model with faster throughput. We will monitor and maintain all security services on the firewall and report back to you when we find something malicious. Your firewall should be something more than that box that collects dust above your internet connection. With our managed network security solution we will make sure that your firewall is what it should be – the lockbox between you and the wild west Internet.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection should be standard for any network. Firewall services are more complex than ever before now. And so are threats against your network. With managed network security we make sure and keep the bad guys out while verifying good traffic. With such issues as ransomware and other viruses attacking your network on a daily basis, you need to maintain good security.

Twofold Anti-virus 

With our managed network security we make sure to have a two layered approach to anti-virus. Not only do you need exceptional anti-virus for every workstation and server on your network, but you also need anti-virus protection on the firewall. We can provide this double coverage. Our “two-pronged” protection helps to keep your network safe and secure. Also, anti-virus reporting and monitoring is always included. Do you really know when a workstation hasn’t updated anti-virus lately?

Server Backups

It’s been said that “the best offense is always having a good defense.” We agree. When problems happen or your hardware decides to malfunction the best defense is a good backup. Backups are a critical part of our managed network security offering. We will provide the standardized software for all server backups and verify that they work each day. And when backups fail, which they will do, we make sure to resolve the issue that same day and restart a fresh backup for your network. Never have to worry again about your backups or wonder “will they really work?”

Offsite Backup (Optional)

Having an offsite backup is critical to your network security but having one that doesn’t allow for theft is even better. With our included server backup we can provide an option to backup directly to our data center location. Get peace of mind knowing that, if your location is caught in a disaster, we have your backups and the thing that keeps your business running – your data – safe and sound for restoration when you are ready.

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