TAZ Security Care — Standard

Illustration: How TAZ Security Care - Standard works

Identify risks relevant to your network, then identify security gaps.

TAZ Security Care Standard is an enhanced security bundle that includes:
  • Risk assessment relevant to your business or industry
  • Webroot DNS endpoint protection
  • Security awareness training for your staff

TAZ Security Care Standard offers a simple way to make sure that your systems are protected against common cybersecurity threats. It helps you review the probability and impact of these threats relevant to your business. Target the specific probable risks and impacts to your specific business.

Clear and understandable reporting provides real-time, ongoing insights into your network security. Data charts show overall network security as well as exactly which machines are most at risk. Maximize your security efforts by pinpointing problem vectors and solving them systematically. Then watch your company’s cybersecurity improve over time.

End user education is critical in this age of cybersecurity threats! With TAZ Security Care Standard, you receive comprehensive training courses to educate your staff about security awareness on an ongoing basis.

This enhanced security bundle also includes complete endpoint protection through DNS at no additional cost.

TAZ Security Care and Complete Managed IT Care work together in the background to provide a seamless, all-in-one network protection solution.

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