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Let our experienced IT Consulting team get you proven results in a quick way.

Do you need IT consulting services? TAZ Networks started for IT consulting. Our founder was hired as an IT consultant at some of the largest companies in the world before starting his own company focused on IT consulting and computer consulting for businesses who never had it before. This company culture has led us to deliver computer consulting and IT consulting with our clients in mind. You need experienced, proven technology support and guidance. We can deliver this computer consulting that comes from our experience with hundreds of businesses, from very small businesses to Fortune 100 clients.

Why get IT consulting from TAZ Networks?
  • Our experienced team has probably seen it already
  • Avoid lengthy delays in technology rollouts
  • Get proven best practices
  • Save thousands of dollars on mismanagement and consultants that learn on the job
  • Avoid costly technology mistakes
  • Get guidance on technology best practices before you get too far down the dreaded implementation sinkhole
  • Team members with more than 20 years of individual experience
  • Technology answers in plain English from managers that communicate effectively

Technical Consulting can come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Make sure that your IT consulting firm is geared toward your business. Your IT consultant should be working for you and not the other way around. When TAZ Networks was started it was started with the principle of providing great technology solutions, consulting and services for businesses of all sizes.

What makes a great technology consultant? This is always a question that can be hard for a normal HR department to figure out. They are great at hiring positions for your company but may lack the technical speak to see if that potential hire really knows their technology or not. And hiring the wrong technical person can mean thousands of dollars wasted, not to mention data and password security that could be at risk. All of our consultants are taken through a specific technical test to see what they know and how quickly they know it. No bluffing with our consultants. Your business needs qualified technical talent and we can assist.

it consulting services Michigan, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Wixom, Southfield, Livonia, Brighton and Howell
computer consulting services Michigan, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Wixom, Southfield, Livonia, Brighton and Howell

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