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Save thousands of dollars on energy costs by “Going Green” with server virtualization and server consolidation.
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Our experienced engineers can assist with virtualization support and projects.

Start your own “Green Initiative” by using virtualization with your technology. Consolidate your servers or run additional ones, possibly using the same hardware you have now, with Microsoft Hyper-V technology.  TAZ Networks provides Microsoft Server virtualization support from certified technicians who have been rolling out virtualized servers for years at dozens of clients.

Don’t think virtualization can make a difference?

Look at the chart below to see what would happen if we just consolidated 10 stand-alone servers with one Hyper-V server.

Server Setup Ave. Watts kWh/year Cost KG of CO2
Standalone Servers x 10 5,001 43,839 $4,007 34,084
One Hyper-V server with 10 VMs 512 4,490 $410 3,491
Savings 4,489 39,349 $3,597 30,593

This consolidation also can help with ever-increasing space demands. As businesses in Detroit, Ann Arbor and throughout the Michigan counties of Washtenaw, Livingston, and Oakland are finding, business space can be one of their top 3 expenditures. Decrease the amount of space you need by using virtualization instead.  Virtualization support can really assist in helping you to lower your overall energy costs.

Can My Business Use Virtualization?

How can businesses benefit from virtualization? Flexibility and recovery. Now we can easily move your server to another piece of hardware in the event of either disaster or downtime. No more reinstalling needed. Just simply move the virtual server and you are done. Another case of technology giving your business a higher path to excellence.  And to do this properly requires experience and dedication.  Two things that our certified virtualization support team has.

A secondary reason why your business would want to start a project with virtualization is for ease of growth. If you start with the right equipment today, you will easily be able to add another server if needed for your business to grow quickly and efficiently.  Even adding another line of business can become a straight forward project.

Why Use TAZ Networks For My Virtualization Support and Virtualization Project?

TAZ Networks is proficient in the use of Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology. Our standard install of servers as we mentioned above is now done using this technology. We have encountered various scenarios that will make your installation easier and cost effective.

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