TAZ Networks team

Our in-office team, autumn 2017

Our Mission:

To provide the highest-quality service and technology solutions for our clients, while pushing ourselves to greater knowledge and understanding.

Our Vision:

TAZ Networks will provide small-to-medium-sized businesses the technical advantage that differentiates them from their competition. TAZ Networks will provide greater service than any other technology company. We provide a dynamic workplace that allows for our work to be performed at a high standard while making sure to enjoy the work and solutions we provide.

Our Core Values:

We live our values, meaning we hire, reward, promote, and let go based on these values:

  1. Clients Are Everything. Client service is first. There must be an inherent desire to please the client and empathy for the client’s situation.
  2. Don’t Be “Nick Burns.” TAZ Networks staff members are a joy to be around. Each is personable and positive. Clients enjoy working with us. TAZ Networks staff is enthusiastic and pleasant to deal with, including being humble yet confident.
  3. Commitment to Excellent Results. There is a hard work and drive to succeed. TAZ Networks staff is reliable and works in a quality way so that in the end we have a “raving fan” client.
  4. Progressive Improvement. There is a willingness to learn from what has been done whether good or bad. A knowledge of the right way to do a task and the intelligence to look for and take the right next step if needed.
  5. Process Rules. We will follow TAZ Networks processes in everything we do.

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