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microsoft surface - finally cool new technology

The Microsoft Surface lineup, targeted to release this year and next.

Here is some cool new technology we’ve read about recently:

Microsoft Surface Neo – The first dual-screen Surface allows you to multi-task or reference multiple screens without switching devices or even windows. The Neo is a big brother to our next item, a smaller device called Duo.

Microsoft Surface Duo – This clever little device (don’t call it a phone!) will feature two screens in a form slightly larger than an iPhone 11 Pro. When it’s folded, that is. When it’s open, it becomes an 8.3-inch dual-screen mini tablet offering a productivity boost like having dual monitors for your desktop computer. The coolest thing about it? It folds all the way around so you can have two screens on the outside of your device. And, oh yes, it makes phone calls.

Speaking of folding phones, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been revamped and released in the United States as of September 2019. (We can’t help thinking that a dual-screen folding device might have been a more-attainable first step, but we wish all success to Samsung with this innovative leap.)

Moving away from devices and into the software that runs them, Windows 10X a revamp of the operation system specifically for dual-screen devices. It won’t look much different than your usual Windows 10, but it will make working on dual-screen devices smoother and more intuitive.

Finally, one of our favorite innovators from a while back is Tile, with a new item called Sticker. It’s a smaller, more subtle version of the big white squares you might attach to a keyring. In fact, Sticker is waterproof, with a more durable adhesive, excellent for outdoor gear.

Have you seen any cool new technology lately? What would you like to learn more about? Drop us a line at

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