November 20, 2020

A Possible Remedy for Pandemic Fatigue

With coronavirus cases and hospitalizations on the rise again, most of us who had returned to the office are back at the desk/dining table or the office/bedroom. Most of us have missed our favorite live Read More…


November 6, 2020

Cool New Tech – Focused Vision, Focused Writing

Good morning, everyone. Today is November 6. In 2020 terms, that’s March 251. It’s been a long year week, so let’s take a break and talk about some Cool New Tech. If your glasses are Read More…


July 31, 2020

Cool New Tech – Ongoing Pandemic Edition

By now, you’re probably tired of hearing about who’s sick of the pandemic, and who’s sick from it. It’s time for a break! Mask up, wash your hands, and stay back 6 feet — it’s Read More…


April 17, 2020

Cool New Tech from Apple & Microsoft

And now for something completely different… Depending on how you feel about Apple’s iPhones, we may have some good news for you this week. In addition, Microsoft is making some changes to Office 365 soon. Read More…


November 8, 2019

Wi-Fi 6 – What You Need to Know

Wi-Fi 6 is here! Does this raise more questions than it answers? Is this like 5G? Since when does Wi-Fi have numbers? Am I going to have to buy all new equipment? Short answers: No, Read More…

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