September 17, 2021

Should Your Business Upgrade to Windows 11 At Release?

Should your business upgrade to Windows 11 at release? You may have seen the ads or heard the hype: Windows 11 is on its way soon! Microsoft releases Windows 11 on October 5, 2021. Believe Read More…


September 10, 2021

TAZ Technology Report – September 2021

Click here to download the September 2021 TAZ Technology Report PDF. Inside: We’re Growing! TAZ Networks expands to Macomb County with the acquisition of Greyhound Technologies. The President’s Corner – Welcome to our new clients! Read More…


September 3, 2021

5 Reasons Why Running Your Business on Old Tech is Like Throwing Money Down the Drain

You run a tight ship. You crunch the numbers, comb the books, cut waste, and pinch pennies. And, you wait until something is absolutely broken before upgrading your computers and network equipment. But, is that Read More…


August 27, 2021

Is Your Business Cloud Ready?

Do you love spending money on servers, backup devices and IT upgrades? If not, maybe it’s time to move to the cloud. We try not to get our feelings hurt by the fact that no Read More…


August 20, 2021

“Hello, I’m From Tech Support” – How to Know the Real Deal

One of our fellow managed service providers had a case recently where a client received a call from “tech support” – except it was a scammer trying to get access to their confidential data. We’ve Read More…

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