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old technology

Old technology slows down productivity and puts your business at risk.

You run a tight ship. You crunch the numbers, comb the books, cut waste, and pinch pennies. And, you wait until something is absolutely broken before upgrading your computers and network equipment.

But, is that strategy really sound? Consider the following 5 reasons why hanging on to old technology is a huge waste of money:

Slow computers waste time. And time, famously, is money. Are your employees sitting around waiting for computers to start up, waiting for web pages to load, waiting for vendor portals to connect? Then you’re paying staff to sit and waste time because your technology is slow or not working correctly. Upgrading equipment can be a huge boost to productivity for your business.

Outdated software complicates processes. Does your staff have a list of workarounds they need in order to get all your programs to work together? As Tavis says, “Software runs the world.” If updated software saves you even an hour or two each week per employee, isn’t that worth the investment?

Old technology makes your company look bad. Imagine giving an important presentation to a potential client. If your equipment fails, you’re done. Your business looks old and out of touch with today’s fast-moving economy. Do you want your business to be seen as bigger, stronger, faster, smarter? Upgrade your technology.

Old equipment steals motivation. Good morale in the office increases productivity. One survey showed that 38% of employees agreed that having modern technology would make them more motivated. If your people are complaining about slow equipment, it means they want to get more work done. Giving employees the tools they need to do their jobs properly and efficiently shows that you appreciate the work they do.

Out-of-support systems put your entire company at risk. Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7 – not even security updates. That means your machines still running essential equipment on Windows 7 and XP are putting your irreplaceable business information at risk. Even if you’re not running these specific systems, Microsoft schedules operating system phase-outs every couple of years. Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 this autumn. Plan ahead to keep your data safe.

We know how challenging it is to keep up with technology changes. All well-intentioned businesses struggle with risking downtime, losing specific software features only available on older versions, and the investment needed to bring technology up to date.

The good news is that TAZ Networks has spent over 18 years helping businesses upgrade or even overhaul their computer networks. Even small businesses like yours. We can work with you to put together an action plan that minimizes downtime and makes the most of your budget. Call us today for more information.

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