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Does your business have proper work-from-home security protocols in place?

When Michigan’s “Stay Home” order went into effect in mid-March, many businesses scrambled to get their essential staff set up to work from home. Time was of the essence, to keep business flowing and mitigate staff layoffs.

Now that Michigan seems to be beating the curve and businesses are beginning to reopen, are you bringing your full staff back into the office?

We’ve written before about some of the benefits of allowing staff to work from home. Even though health restrictions are lifting, many businesses have seen the advantages to having staff work remotely, and plan to continue allowing this policy. Some benefits include higher productivity, lower overhead, environmental savings, and lower staff turnover. Some workers may even consider a work-from-home arrangement over a pay raise!

Don’t Let “Pandemic Panic” Catch You Short on Security

The problem is, because the “Stay Home” order came through so quickly, many businesses were not set up with proper work-from-home security protocols to protect sensitive company data. Staff used home computers or other personal devices to access business email and files – a prime vector for ransomware, email spoofing, and other nasty hacker tricks.

Some companies even relaxed restrictions on administrator accounts and server firewall settings, putting their business data under a huge security risk.

Businesses were content to “make do” during the initial coronavirus panic. But the tide has turned, and now is the time to take a step back, review your work-from-home security protocols, and correct security gaps.

In addition, many health experts warn that we could face “second wave” of COVID-19 in the fall – just a few short months away. Don’t be caught unprepared and have to scramble – again – to keep staff working. Plan now so you are ready to go if that second wave hits.

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