Posted by: on June 25, 2021 at 8:00 am

Zach T’s calming home workspace.

It’s so nice to see summer in Michigan and the loosening of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. As Michigan eased its remote work rules at the end of May, I had a decision to make regarding our staff. They have done a great job working remotely. Do I bring them all back in the office as before or do I allow more flexibility?

Ultimately, I took the latter approach after reading about General Motors’ “Work Appropriately” flexible scheduling for staff in the office and out. Our staff has done a great job servicing you, our clients, from their homes during this pandemic. In our meetings they often emphasized to me and Grant how much they appreciated working from home. So we’ve gone the route of allowing them to work with their manager to set a schedule of working from home or office as they are comfortable with. Obviously this couldn’t have happened if I relied on in-office tools and didn’t run everything in our office, including line of business apps and phones, from the cloud.

Our trust in our employees must be high to do this sort of thing. There is no question we will continue to work hard for all of you.



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