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Our top ten posts of 2020 show that many things remained normal this year.

Greetings, blog readers! In the spirit of end-of-year tradition, we present our top ten most popular posts for 2020. Without further ado, here are our top ten most popular posts for 2020:

How to Secure Your Zoom Meetings — Zoom seemed to burst out of nowhere as the go-to virtual meeting platform. Easy to use and able to handle large groups, Zoom led the pack for group videoconferencing. If you are hosting or managing Zoom meetings, implement these seven security measures to prevent disruptions and keep your company information confidential.

Your Business and the Novel Coronavirus — By the time medical experts identified the first community-spread case of COVID in the United States, travel restrictions were already affecting business supply lines, and mandatory shutdowns were on the horizon. Ahead of these, we presented a strong argument for allowing staff to work from home.

New BLINDINGCAN Malware Targets Government Contractors — Pandemic or not, cyber criminals are always looking for new lines of attack. BLINDINGCAN malware targets government contractors, mainly in the aerospace and defense sectors. We presented what to look for with this specific attack, plus general good-sense practices for keeping your network safe.

Business & Work After COVID-19 — Yes, we optimistically posted this… in April. While we’re all still enthusiastically waiting for the after part of this pandemic, here are three positive ways to think about business moving forward, no matter what the future holds.

Why It Doesn’t Matter How MSU Got Ransomware — The unfortunate truth is that you can set up everything exactly right and still get ransomware. It’s rare; protections do work. But once you know of a hack, what happens next is what matters most. Here’s what MSU did right, and what every business should have in place before ransomware happens.

Meeting the Challenges of Working From Home — When the lockdown orders came out in March, like many small businesses, we also had to scramble to set up at home. (You may be surprised to learn that TAZ Networks staff does not normally work from home. We do now, until further notice.) Once things settled down, we presented our staff’s best tips on optimizing your setup, essential technology, and coping techniques.

Should Your Staff Work From Home? Nine Questions to Answer — Unsurprisingly, working from home was a hot topic last spring, and still is. Here are nine questions that every small business should ask about working from home, and why the answer to each question matters.

Education For An IT Career — A person’s educational path into IT may vary. Our own consultants, for example, come from a variety of backgrounds. If you know anyone interested in working in IT, send them this article!

Scam Email Breakdown – Know Your Boss Edition — A new twist on the old “boss” email scam prompted this post. (We gotta be honest, here. Scam breakdown posts are just fun to write.)

“Where Are My Windows Updates?” — Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft changed the way they release operating system updates. Dan wrote this post to help explain Microsoft Windows updates, and why TAZ Networks may hold off pushing all updates immediately at release.

Other 2020 Highlights

We don’t need to tell you that 2020 has been an unusual year. Despite the turmoil, we were still able to welcome new clients, interview and hire new team members, and handle over 28,000 tickets — another new record! We’re proud to say that seven of our team members achieved professional certifications, and we maintained a client satisfaction score of 4.9 out of 5.

We couldn’t have done any of this without you. One of our core values is “Clients Are Everything.” Your referrals, survey comments, and the trust you place in us to handle your computer networking needs keeps us going every day.

We hope we helped make your 2020 more livable. Let’s all hope for a better year in 2021.

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