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We’ll explain the difference between Microsoft Windows Quality Updates and Function Updates.

Some clients have asked recently why they aren’t getting Microsoft Windows updates. The short answer is, they are. However, they may not be getting all updates. Why not? One of our Network Field Consultants, Dan Gugins, wrote up the following guide to help explain Microsoft Windows updates, and why TAZ Networks may hold off pushing all updates immediately at release.

Microsoft’s updates are now broken down into two different categories – Feature Updates and Quality Updates.

Quality Updates are your standard updates. They are patches and security updates to correct bugs and errors and improve stability and reliability to the current Windows 10 version you are using.  Microsoft releases these patches weekly. TAZ Networks releases the vast majority of these updates immediately.

Feature Updates are far more complex. Essentially, a Feature Update installs a new operating system. Think back to how Microsoft used to name its operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.2 Service Pack 2, etc. They aren’t doing that any more, sticking with Windows 10 as the blanket term for the current operating system.

Microsoft releases Feature Updates twice a year, in the spring and fall. Microsoft supports these for 18 months. After that, your version of Windows 10 automatically updates itself to maintain a secure system. These updates obviously include new features. But they also contain visual improvements and significant enhancements to improve the overall experience and security.

A big thing to note about Feature Updates – this is a reinstallation of the entire Windows 10 operating system. After Feature Updates, people notice that their customized settings have gone back to default (like the default browser is back to Edge instead of Chrome). These updates are much larger than the quality updates. They are more complex and therefore, come with more problems. Because of this, TAZ Networks generally holds off on complex Feature Updates until they have been properly vetted and reviewed.

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