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Calendar of 2021

As 2021 ends, we wanted to look back at the amazing year we had. These are the top 10 blog posts of the year. We also wanted to thank you, our readers, for supporting us. Without you, none of this would be possible so thank you. Now onto the list.

1 Why You Must Update Your Microsoft Exchange Server NOW

A post about an attack on Microsoft Exchange servers and those at risk. This post was created as an announcement to update your server. A critical security patch came out that needed to be installed due to a vulnerability.

2 TAZ Networks Acquires Greyhound Technologies

Announcing the acquisition of Greyhound Technologies. With this acquisition, we opened a second location in Clinton Twp. Check out this blog post to see how much TAZ Networks has grown.

3 4 Ways to Spring Clean Computer Network Equipment

Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but who knew your computer was a part of it. Learn the best ways to clean your equipment.

4 We Tried Windows 11, Here is What We Like and What We Don’t

Windows 11 was a big update this year. We updated it early and tested it for you. Learn what our team has to say about the new update.

5 Managed IT Services, Are They Right for You?

TAZ Networks is a managed service provider, but what exactly does that mean? Read this article to see what a managed service provider does and how we can help you.

6 We’re Growing Again! Welcoming New Staff and Clients

With the acquisition of Greyhound Technologies, we wanted to take the time to welcome all our new staff and clients. During this growth period, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t lose the small business feel.

7 How a DDOS Attack Can Affect Your Business

A DDoS attack is a relatively new tactic that is on the rise. We wanted to make sure that you were aware of what it is and how to protect against it.

8 8 Tips to Improve Your Next Video Meeting

Video conferencing has become a part of our lives now. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is something that we must learn to do. Take a look at this post to see how to improve your next video meeting.

9 We’re Reopening the Office! What This Means for You

This was a big moment for TAZ Networks! After only working remotely through the pandemic, reopening the office felt like things were going back to normal. If you want to see some of the precautions, we were taking or what we are doing now take a look!

10 Honor Among Thieves? Lessons For Small Business from The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack

The pipeline attack was a scary moment in 2021. It seemed like everyone was worried about their security, we wanted to make sure that our clients were safe. Ransomware is becoming a bigger and bigger threat; see how we deal with it at TAZ Networks.


TAZ Networks is proud to report that this year we had a 4.93/5 Client Satisfaction rate. As our company grows, we want to make sure that we offer the same services and friendliness as a small company. This year we completed over 28,000 tickets! We want to thank you for helping us as TAZ Networks have a great year and we look forward to many more to come.

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