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Windows 11 was released on October 5th, and since then our team has slowly been upgrading their systems. We wanted to test it before we recommend our clients to upgrade themselves. Normally there are bugs on release day that need to be fixed, due to this we recommend that you wait at least 6 months before installing Windows 11. However, we are here to tell you what to look forward to and what to watch out for. Our team has come together and compiled a list of 5 things we like and 5 things we don’t.

Like #1 – Aesthetics

It is no surprise that the redesigned look of Windows is on this list. The interface almost resembles a mobile experience, something we are exposed to much more daily. The curved edges, centered taskbar, and soft design is a much-needed update.

Dislike #1 – Slow on AMD Machines

Windows 11 was built for Intel, making AMD a second thought. As a result, Windows 11 has been having some performance issues on machines that use AMD. If you use AMD, we are recommending making sure that this problem has been fixed before you install the update.

Like #2 – Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal has been a nice surprise. Being able to have multiple tabs in Command Prompt, PowerShell, and Azure Cloud Shell Connector has allowed us to work much more efficiently.

Dislike #2 – Update Requires New Computers

Windows 11 can only be installed on certain machines; Windows 11 Installation Assistant is a tool that you can run to see if your machine can handle the new update. We have found that if you have a PC more than a couple of years old you cannot install the new update.

Like #3 – Easier Setup for Dual Monitors

Some settings have changed with dual monitor setups. One setting that was added was remembering window locations. This will remember where your tabs were depending on if you had monitors connected to your laptop or not.

Dislike #3 – Right Click

The right-click function has been changed in Windows 11. Items have been rearranged within the prompt that appears. Things that used to be the first level now require multiple clicks. Additionally, icons have been added that, upon first glance, are not easy to understand.

Like #4 – Support for Android Apps

Another added feature added with Windows 11 is support for Android apps. This means that android apps will be integrated into Windows giving us access to mobile apps in a desktop experience.

Dislike #4 – Installation issues

Several members of our team had installation issues with Windows 11. One had trouble upgrading from the preview of Windows 11 to the live version of it. Another had an issue where due to the configurations of their BIOS on their PC they were unable to install Windows 11 and broke Windows 10 as well. This is the main reason why TAZ Networks generally recommends waiting 6 months after a major update release to update.

Like #5 – Installation Assistant

While this is also listed in the dislike, we also like it. When we updated from Windows 7 to 10, it was a guessing game. Thankfully this time around they gave us the Installation Assistant, which makes sure that our PC can handle the update before starting it.

Dislike #5 – Adjustment Period

Like with any update we are in an adjustment period, we had some initially complain about the redesign who are slowly liking it more. Others were not fans of the extra icons added in the taskbar. Like any new update, it takes time to adapt and conform to you and how you like to work.

Our Consensus

We like it! Windows 11 brings a fresh look to your PC. Initially, the update feels mostly cosmetic but once you spend some time with it you notice the quality-of-life changes that breathes new life into your computer. Once the initial bugs are worked out, we are confident that Windows 11 improves upon Windows 10. However, we would like to remind you that we installed this update now so we can be prepared for IT service, and IT network issues in the future. It is still recommended to wait 6 months to install this update, just to be safe. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out at

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