January 25, 2019

What is Your Business Cyber Security Plan?

Imagine this: You log into your computer and go to download the latest TPS report… except all of your files have wonky names and/or extensions. That’s a cryptovirus, folks, a malicious type of malware. Now Read More…


October 12, 2018

4 Ways to Prepare for a Data Disaster

We often think of a “disaster” as a life-altering event: a flood or file, for example. But a data disaster doesn’t have to be a major hack or a breach. It could be as simple Read More…


September 14, 2018

Is Michigan Safe from Natural Disasters?

As we write this on Thursday morning, Hurricane Florence is already causing high winds and flooding on the Atlantic coast. If you have friends and family in that area, we hope everyone has taken precautions Read More…


July 20, 2018

5 Questions Every Business Owner Must Answer About Disaster Recovery

Most of us were pretty pleased to finally get some rain last week. When your grass in mid-June looks as bad as it normally does at the end of August, you know it’s been a Read More…


March 23, 2018

What We Learned When We Ran Our Own Disaster Recovery Drill

“I see too many laptops left on desks overnight,” Tavis lectured us. “It’s time to prove that we can be up and ready to support our clients, even if our office had an issue, or Read More…

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