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Wreckage from a tornado

Recently, Kentucky and other states received abnormal historic weather. A line of tornadoes destroyed buildings across the state and sadly took the lives of many. Local businesses have lost everything because of these storms. What lesson can be learned from what these businesses experienced and how can you protect your business? In one word: Prepare. We have identified 4 key ways that you can prepare for disasters within your business.

1- Backups

Having good backups is vital to recovering your data. With regularly scheduled backups you can make sure that not too much work is lost. That way your business can be up and running again in no time. We recommend cloud backups.  In the case of a complete disaster such as a tornado having a backup onsite may be the worst thing ever because your backup could be destroyed along with your office. TAZ Networks is a 100% cloud-based company, that way our data is never at risk of being lost to a disaster when or if our office has one.  Having backups in a location away from your office is something to always consider.

2- Remote Work

Do you have steps in place to, if necessary, switch to remote work? With the pandemic, it has become much more common. With this option available, even if your office is destroyed your business can stay afloat and keep running. Check out this blog post that goes into further detail about how our office has changed to accommodate this.

3- Backup/Disaster Recovery Server (BDR)

Having a BDR is very important. Even if it is not a cloud server making sure that all of your data is not dependent on one location is the easiest way to survive a disaster. You can have your onsite server, but make sure that data is also stored elsewhere. That way you do not have to worry about your office.

4- Inventory for Insurance

Make sure that you take inventory of all your technology. If you know everything that you have, it becomes much easier to replace it all when you start talking to an insurance claims adjuster. We even recommend a video walkthrough of the office, highlighting all high-priced technology, that way you have proof of everything you own. If you are a client of TAZ Networks, we have an inventory listing of everything we maintain for our clients. You can ask your account manager to see this data. However, certain things we are not able to list like how many printers your office has for example. Taking inventory is the easiest way to prepare to rebuild.

If you’d like a plan on how to prepare for a disaster or need a fully written disaster plan let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you in getting an outline together. You can contact us at

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