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image of blue screen means upgrade time is coming

The dreaded bluescreen often signals that upgrade time is on the horizon.

If your staff is constantly complaining about slow servers, and constant glitches and bluescreens on workstations, you might get a sneaking suspicion that it’s the time that many small business owners dread – upgrade time.

While it’s true that forking over big dollars for a new server and 20 or 30 workstations all at once can be rather painful, a little advanced planning and know-how can make network hardware upgrades more manageable.

Here are 5 possible options for managing your hardware upgrades:

The Basic Budget. The average lifespan for a server is five years. For a desktop or laptop, it’s only three years. To avoid replacing all workstations at one time, some companies move to a split schedule. Simply divide the number of workstations by 3, then replace 1/3 each year.

Go Light. This option won’t work for all industries or locations, but virtual servers and/or “thin client” PCs are less-expensive options. They do have some capability limitations, especially for end users.

The Cloud. Cloud-hosted servers can eliminate the need to replace an expensive piece of hardware every 5 years or so. These are often a great option for smaller businesses that expect a high level of growth over the next 3-5 years.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Outsource the cost of hardware by allowing staff to use their own equipment. This option is valid, but does have a lot of security, legal, and financial risks. Definitely discuss BYOD with us first before making this decision.

HAAR (Hardware As A Rental). This option allows you to pay one monthly fee for computer equipment over 3 years, after which you own it. Do you have a big network upgrade project on the horizon? Do you expect your staffing needs to remain largely stable for the next few years? Then HAAR might be a good option for you.

Whether it’s 10 workstation upgrades or a full network overhaul, you want to work with an expert who can alert you to money-saving options and potential pitfalls. TAZ Networks can help develop a plan that works with your time frame and budget. Give us a call today.

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