October 13, 2017

More Power to You!

Or, How Your UPS Choice Affects Your Business No, we are not going to have an in-depth discussion of shipping options. We’re talking about a far more fundamental UPS – an Uninterruptible Power Supply. No Read More…


May 26, 2017

How to Save Money On Your Next Computer Network Upgrade

If your staff is constantly complaining about slow servers, and constant glitches and bluescreens on workstations, you might get a sneaking suspicion that it’s the time that many small business owners dread – upgrade time. Read More…


April 14, 2017

Michigan Severe Weather Awareness Week

April 16-22, 2017 is Severe Weather Awareness Week here in lovely Michigan. We truly have it easy here in the Mitten State, with very little risk of big disaster-makers like earthquakes and hurricanes. However, severe Read More…


February 19, 2016

The Small Business Network of 2016 – Part 1

What does a small business computer network look like in 2016? While we see a lot of variety out there, we find that most businesses lean toward one of two directions: All items on site, Read More…


January 15, 2016

Avoid These 4 Office Move Mistakes

Moving Your Office This Year? DON’T… Until You Read This First The number one complaint from someone who’s experienced a “bad” move is, “I didn’t know I needed to…” followed closely by “I completely forgot Read More…

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