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Do you like new tech and gadgets? So do we!

Emerging technology can be fun, but sometimes it’s hard to see how it will apply to business. In an occasional series, we’ll take a look at cool new tech and how it could affect your business. This week: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is either the coolest thing ever or completely terrifying. There are now AIs and neural networks that can:

…Create recipes – sort of. Janelle Shane’s neural network experiments have hilarious results, including recipes that sound almost, but not quite, like real food. While horseradish-chocolate cookies may not be your thing, the history of how this bot has become “smarter” over time is fascinating. If you’re at all interested in the processes behind training a neural network – not just for recipes – her blog is a fun and interesting read.

…Analyze photos for content. Identifying items in a photo is easy for bots, but now there is a program that can also tag for theme, emotion, and more. In fact, photo-sharing app VSCO is now using this technology in place of humans who previously tagged member photos.

…Achieve the highest possible score on Atari’s Ms. Pac-Man. You may be wondering, “So what?” The video narrator explains that “Video games… require human-like intelligence to perform well.”

So, how could artificial intelligence affect your business? As the Ms. Pac-Man video illustrates, humans can have a hard time balancing all of the pivot points of extremely complex decisions. After detailing the technology used, it goes on: “Reinforcement learning can improve decision-making in complex settings, such as sales funnels and financial models.”

Ms. Shane’s research shows that computers can quickly generate new results from known information. Imagine being able to generate unique products for your customers based on their purchasing history and known preferences!

Is your business using AI, neural networks, or machine learning? What other cool technology is your business using? We’d love to hear more about it! Email your story to and reference this article. Thanks!

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