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September brought big news for TAZ Networks and our clients

To a lot of people, September seems like a second “new year.” The summer winds down, school starts again, and pumpkin spice latte is back, baby!

Our September started off with a bang as Tavis announced big news for TAZ Networks: a merger with Nimble Systems, another managed services provider located in Ann Arbor.

This is a big move for us! We increased our client count and our technical team by nearly 50% each.

So, what does this mean for our clients, legacy and new?

For one thing, it means several new staff members bringing years of relevant technical expertise to apply to your computer network needs. Like the rest of our TAZ Networks staff, these talented folks are familiar with the unique needs of businesses with about 15-200 users. As well, they bring a boost to our skillset with law offices, and a fresh perspective overall.

The reverse of this, of course, is the effect the merger has on former Nimble Systems clients. Our goal is that they will benefit from the wealth of knowledge provided by our legacy team. We hope that they find us responsive and knowledgeable, and come to trust us as they did their previous MSP.

Another thing you may notice is two new cars in the TAZ Networks fleet. These white Honda HR-Vs, named TAZNET7 and TAZNET9, are plain white for now but will be wrapped in our TAZ Networks branding in the coming months.

And, while most of you have not been to our Brighton offices, those who visit us regularly will notice that we have moved people around. Most of our cubicles are full now. In fact, to further supplement our team, we are currently interviewing for additional service desk and field consultants. (As always, if you know a good tech who is looking for a new opportunity, send them our way!)

All in all, it’s been a big month with a lot of changes. We hope that this merger brings good things to all of our clients and staff.

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