December 29, 2017

Video: 8 Ways to Secure Patient Protected Health Information

Are you a medical office manager frustrated by the challenges of keeping patient PHI secure? We turned a recent blog post into a 90-second video. Click here to read the original post, or watch our Read More…


September 1, 2017

Video: 6 Questions You Need to Answer Before Your In-House IT Expert Leaves

Are you worried that your in-house IT expert could leave at any moment? What happens to your computer network when they go on vacation or get sick? What happens when the one employee who handles Read More…


June 23, 2017

Video Part 2 – Creating a Secure Password You Can Remember

Here’s the second part of our video blog on creating a secure password. In this video, we talk about some basic security you can implement into your password AND still be able to remember it. Read More…


April 28, 2017

Video – How to Make a Secure Password, Part 1 – What NOT to Do

Heather just recorded and put together this video blog on how to create a secure password, using information learned from the latest list of hacked passwords. It’s our first video blog in a while, and Read More…


November 12, 2015

Video: Why TAZ Networks?

Why work with TAZ Networks?  Give us 90 seconds to prove why and how your business will benefit.

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