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East OfficeIn June of 2021 TAZ Networks acquired Greyhound Technologies. With this acquisition, TAZ Networks choose to keep the Clinton Township office that was formerly Greyhound Technologies. Along with this, any of the former staff was welcome to stay and transition to TAZ Networks. The past six months have been a growing period for TAZ Networks. The new additions to our team have helped us provide even better IT support to our clients.

We wanted to update our clients on how this transition has been. Overall, we have seen positive results from our acquired clients and are excited about our future with them. Our new employees are still adjusting to our processes; however, they are quickly becoming an asset to TAZ Networks.

Interview with Account Manager Audrey Spratke

Audrey Spratke is the Account Manager for our east office and had to make a big transition with the acquisition. Greyhound Technologies had slowly given Audrey more roles to fill. When she moved over to TAZ Networks we made sure that she had the role she desired. We wanted to make the transition to TAZ Networks as seamless as possible. When asked how the adjustment to TAZ Networks has been for her, she responded with “The past six months have been great! I know change can be unsettling however our new team made those feeling not even exist. I am looking forward to our bright future!”

But we know that change isn’t easy, we asked Audrey what the hardest adjustment she had to make was during this change, she responded with, “My hardest adjustment was my role change. TAZ Networks supplied me with the proper resources, training, and encouragement to feel comfortable in my new sales role.” Many of our new team members have had similar expressions. We are thankful that we received such hard-working team members from Greyhound Technologies. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please email us at

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