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Top Technology Items for 2018 — The President’s Corner

by Tavis Patterson
top technology items for 2018

Tavis’ picks for top technology items to address in 2018.

2017 is winding down, and it will be a new year shortly. Technology reminders are coming at us hard and heavy right now, and year-end is a good time to reevaluate where you are with your technology. What should be your top technology items for 2018? Here are my top three technology recommendations for the new year:

Cybersecurity. How much is your data worth — or your reputation? Like me, I’m sure you value those items very highly for your organization. 2018 will show us that we live in a different time now. Every business is a technology organization and needs to protect their data. No business is too small to avoid a breach. So, what must you do? Security training and managed security. A “set it and forget it” firewall is no longer good enough. Every business needs to have a comprehensive security plan in place to avoid and mitigate all threats. Cybersecurity must be a top technology item for 2018.

Public Cloud. Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure) have proven the reliable security of their cloud applications. Therefore, trusting them with web applications and other technology should be a priority. They still must be secured and monitored, but not having to upgrade the core foundation layer is a tremendous cost and time savings. Amazon and Microsoft spend Billions (!) on their data centers and security. No business we service can match that type of security. Did you know that this very web site runs on Microsoft Azure?

IOT. We are in the “Internet of Things” era. Almost every gadget that comes out now is wireless and connected to the internet. Make sure that, if you use internet-connected devices in your business, that they are properly secured. I love having all things connected, but it always scares the bejesus out of me! Before just plugging in that wireless light bulb, make sure it’s secure.

TAZ Networks Highlights for 2017

Thank you to all of our clients for making 2017 above and beyond any year in TAZ Networks history!

top technology items for 2018

L to R, standing: Matt, Jordan, Grant, Aaron, Laurel, Jesse, Steve, Heather * Seated: Zach T., Tavis, Dylan, Stacie * Remote staff, not pictured: Irene, Zach P., Karl

We had so many highlights this year. Here are a few statistics and achievements that we’re particularly proud of:

  • Earned and updated multiple technical certifications
  • Achieved our highest-ever client satisfaction survey average of 4.8 out of 5
  • Added 6 new managed services clients for a total of 43
  • Increased staff from 11 to 15(!)
  • Sent out 38 gift baskets to clients
  • Handled a new record of 17,845* tickets
  • Sponsored the Howell Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

Finally, just this week, we had photos taken of our in-office staff. Remember that we’re always available if you need us. We hope we helped make your 2017 great and wish you the best for 2018!

*Finalized & updated in January 2018.

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