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Talk to Tavis today about our hybrid cloud solutions and get out of the server business.

Well, I’m starting to long for warm days and camping trips again – so it must be the dead of winter. Don’t get me wrong; we’ve had it pretty good here in Michigan up to this point, but for me 2 weeks of winter is too long. I know what are you going to do? In talking to a client this week he asked his dad why in the world did his relatives decide to settle in Michigan and not somewhere really warm. Yup family is the key, we all know that! And besides Michigan is beautiful in the spring, summer and fall.

As I visit clients, the word on the street has gotten more pronounced that business owners no longer want to be in the “server business”. IT is taking on a different look these days with most line of business vendors using the “Software as a Service” model and providing their software as a cloud or hybrid cloud service. What we find is that its very hard for existing software owners to change course but those starting up are using this new software model in droves. And most software companies don’t even offer an on premise solution anymore.

Which begs the question: What about the rest of your servers or network? Can it be moved to the cloud or at the very least a private hosted data center? The answer is… it depends. Yeah sorry to be riding the fence there but it really does depend on your software and your users.

What we are finding is that a hybrid approach to the cloud is great. So what does that mean? Most manufacturing businesses we deal with have engineering or CAD users that demand horsepower and lots of data. Not great to push through to the cloud. However by hosting your servers for the most part in our data center and then having one connection back to the office that synchronizes the CAD data you get the best of both worlds. You’re out of server business. We take on the risk and monitoring and you can focus on what you do best. Leave the hard stuff to us.

Take a look at our TAZ Cloud service offerings where we can offer different solutions tailored to your needs.  For instance do you like the cloud benefits but are uncertain of the security?  Then a hybrid cloud approach where we host your server infrastructure at the data center and you just pay a per user monthly fee might be in order.

— Tavis

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