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It’s hard to believe we are writing the November newsletter when it’s 70 degrees out and we all have spring fever. Time to get that last round of golf in and enjoy it while it’s here. Michigan certainly can be breathtakingly beautiful this time of year.

One thing that has been consistently interesting with more and more prospects and clients that I visit lately has been the comfort level with cloud computing. As younger employees enter the workforce the comfort level is extremely high. They have been using cloud-based services their entire lives, so it is a natural extension to use them in their businesses.

Some businesses are at the cusp of retiring their existing servers and, rather than lay out a large capital expenditure, they are looking for a way to only use the resources they need when they need it.

If you haven’t looked at cloud-based desktops we highly recommend that you do. Our “desktop as a service” TAZ Cloud Desktop gives you a fully functioning desktop for all users in your organization fully hosted in a secure data center that is watched and monitored 24×7. With redundant generators and redundant internet connections we have experienced no downtime since we’ve moved these hosted services to our new facility. It truly is a great option for a small to medium sized business that is looking to get enterprise-level security and support in a package where they pay only for the number of users they have, not the number of users they MIGHT SOMEDAY have.

We encourage you to at least listen to the concept of a “desktop as a service” before your next server purchase. Our clients on this service have 75% fewer service issues than those that have servers in-house. That productivity gain can really allow a small business to do more with less staff, and as we all know staff is our number 1 biggest cost. Even eliminating one unnecessary position might potentially mean your EBITDA goes from negative to a nice big fat positive number.

Happy computing! — Tavis

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