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the numbers "2016" in a white oval on a black backgroundThe end of the year is upon us, and as we look to 2016 we can tell that it’ll be a big year for technology. For many of you, this will mean major technology changes. What do I see for you as potential 2016 technology items?

  1. Major rollouts of Windows 10 across your entire fleet. Windows 7 is pretty much the standard still for most of our clients but that will change in a major way for 2016. Do you need training or are you ready for Windows 10?
  2. Office 365 gets dominant. With Small Business Server going by the wayside, our clients are moving to cloud-based applications. They are getting used to paying monthly for technology services rather than as a capital expenditure. Gone will be on-premise email as Office 365 dominates our landscape.
  3. Cloud Based Backup. As data becomes larger and larger, trying to keep track of backups is getting harder. And with the ease of disaster recovery services in the cloud, the majority of our clients are seeing the switch to cloud-based backup is simply undeniable.

What does 2016 have in store for you? Let’s discuss it.

Newsletter Changes

We hope you truly have enjoyed the printed TAZ Technology Report. As we do our 2016 business planning, like every year, we review all of our services. One thing that we will be focused on in 2016 is more of an online presence with a renewed emphasis on information published to a brand-new website. Our social media and new email communications also will be focused on driving people to education on our new website. As a result, we have decided to move to a bi-monthly printed newsletter. If you enjoy our newsletter and want to get our new emails please let us know at We hope you enjoy the new information.

— Tavis


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