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Earth from spaceWhy is process revision important? Because technology is always changing. There will always be a new update or feature to catch up on. Part of what we pride ourselves on at TAZ Networks is our ability to adapt to these changes. We stay up to date on all these items so that you do not have to. Owners simply do not have enough time to manage their entire company and stay up to date on every little thing. Simply put, not a single person can. That is where having a team comes into play. TAZ Networks is not just one person, instead, it is everyone in our company working together to help you. We adapt as best as we can to changes so that we can continue to provide top-notch service to you. That same flexibility carries over into other aspects of our company as well.

Ticket Flow

For example, recently we did a deep dive into our ticket flow. A ticket is created when any of our clients need service, this holds all our notes and allows us to track the progress of the task. However, we sensed that we could be more efficient; that we were missing something. We ended up creating flow charts, tracking tickets, and every stop they make along the process. We had one documenting the service side, one documenting our projects, and one documenting the flow between our sales and service teams. This allowed us to streamline our process and provide quicker and more efficient IT services to our clients.

Process revision is one of the best ways to grow your company. Your process is never perfect and can always be improved on, you just need to find out how. We see the need to be a company that is always improving, looking for ways to provide you with the best possible service. The feedback that we have gotten from our clients has made it easy to identify our weaknesses and address them quickly. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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