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Supply Chain IssuesIn our December issue of the TAZ Networks printed newsletter our President’s Corner shared about supply chain issues. If you would like to be included in our printed newsletter let us know at In order to emphasize this issue, we wanted to write a blog post about it too. I am sure that you are aware of the many reports around the world of the supply chain. This lack of supply or limited supply has caused disruptions to service providers. Unfortunately, TAZ Networks is included in this. We see limited desktops, laptops, and networking equipment. One example was of a 24-port network switch, it used to be easily accessible but now it won’t be in stock for months. Due to the omicron variant, these issues could last for several more months. One major shortage is computer chips, since the start of covid, these have been low stock and very hard to come by. Just about everything uses a smart chip meaning that just about everything has been affected by this shortage. IT service providers have been heavily affected by this shortage. TAZ Networks is monitoring and working with our clients to try and help them with these issues.

What Can You Do?

Plan. Planning ahead can help ease the pains of these shortages. Plan for the delays, the setbacks, and expect it. If you have a new employee who might need equipment it might be good to order it ahead of time. You might even order an additional computer or two so that you can be prepared for the next hire. Another action that might help is responding quickly to our account manager’s quotes. If you can approve it quickly then our order fulfillment can complete the order in a timely fashion. The longer that these quotes sit out there the higher chance your items go out of stock. We have seen tech go out of stock in minutes so the faster response we get the faster we get your items to you. We also ask that you are patient, we do not control the supply chain. If we could get these items to you, we would but unfortunately, we have no control. If you have any questions, please reach out to and we would be happy to respond.

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