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Social Media in the Workplace

The Way the World Works

Whether you want it to or not, social media affects the way that we live each day. It helps us connect with long-lost friends, stay entertained and so much more. However, it can also be a major time-waster, and it only focuses on the good parts of life; making you feel bad when everything does not go perfectly. Yes, social media is a tricky subject because it helps so many people in the world, however, it also hurts. Let’s zoom in and focus on how social media has changed the way that we work. First, let’s look at the pros.

The Pros

It has never been easier to blow up a small company than with social media marketing. If you are trying to raise awareness for your brand, a social media presence not only can draw in new clients but can raise awareness for existing ones. Even ads on these platforms can pull in new leads. We have recently been trying this on Facebook and have seen an improvement in leads. Social media also provides a way for employees to connect to each other on a deeper level. If you see your front receptionist surprise her kid with a new bike on social media, it helps you think of her as more than just a receptionist. Finally, news has never been able to spread like this before. Within minutes, you can use social media to alert the entire world of something that just happened. Applying this to your business is easy, you can let clients know of changes within seconds. Social media in the workplace can be a good thing.

The Cons

Have you ever seen one person “canceled” because they said the wrong thing on social media? The same can happen to your business. Something as little as phrasing your words wrong could cause a client to pass on you. If your social media presence is not upheld, your business can collapse in minutes. Another con is how addicted the world is to social media. If not monitored, employees can waste hours in a workday keeping up with the latest trends instead of tending to their responsibilities. This can create a casual work environment. Having such an environment is not a bad thing, but when it reaches an excess and hinders work is when this turns into a negative.

Social media in the workplace can be a coin flip. It helps draw in new clients, creates deeper connections, and spreads news faster than ever before. However, it also can damage your business by bruising your reputation and creating a casual, addicted company. Managing this can be a stressor by itself. Social media can be our greatest ally or worst enemy (depending on the day of course). If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

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