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After looking at this article put up by Windows, we have become increasingly aware of the recent cyber-attacks that have occurred. One of great concern was the attack by Nobelium that targeted the IT supply chain. The focus was on IT service providers, which includes providers that manage cloud services and provide remote IT help with IT networking and any other IT support they might need on behalf of their clients. By gaining access to these service provider companies, they can access all their clients as well. Between July 1st and October 19th in 2021, 609 customers had been attacked by Nobelium more than 22,000 times. While that might seem scary, the success rate was in the low single digits. This, however, can pose a major risk to clients of Managed Service Providers that are lacking in their security. At TAZ Networks, we are working hard to make sure that your data is safe. Here are a few security measures we are taking.

Proper Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backups of our data and clients’ support information are stored in a secondary location separate from our main cloud applications to ensure safe storage.

Multi-Factor Authentication Enabled For Cloud Apps and Microsoft Office 365

By having MFA enabled, we make sure that the user takes several steps to access our data.

Running Security Patches Internally

Running patches keeps our software up to date and closes the possible security loopholes that a hacker can exploit to access valuable data.

Security Information and Event Monitoring

SIEM monitors logs and checks for anything that is unusual. This manages a massive log that would take a human hours to go through.

At TAZ Networks protecting your data is a priority for us. We want to make sure that we are secure, so you are too. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at and we would be happy to address them.

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