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Upgraded components may work for a while, but there comes a time when every PC needs to be replaced.

“Oh, we’re just going to make do with the old computers for now.” Have you ever said this? While it may seem budget-wise to just run a defrag and bump up the RAM to keep an older PC running, it really isn’t that beneficial in the long run. Here are four reasons why keeping computers that are more than three years old is costing you money:

  • Older PCs break down more often and cost 1.5 more times to maintain when compared to newer PCs.
  • New computers experience 40% less downtime than older ones.
  • Security incidents decrease by 23%, on average, with a new PC versus an old one.
  • The processors that we recommend, Intel Core i5 and i7, allow us to repair your desktop even if it is powered down, letting us get you back up and working even faster.

More downtime, higher maintenance costs, riskier security breaches, and less energy efficiency – keeping that older PC limping along doesn’t sound so good now, does it?

The price of technology drops every day. You might be surprised at the productivity boost and lower operating costs that a few hundred dollars can buy.

Have a lot of computers to replace? Definitely give us a call and ask about virtual desktops – this solution could save you even more than replacing traditional tower computers.

There’s a lot more to a shiny new computer than what it looks like on the surface. Think about higher productivity, lower maintenance costs, less downtime, better security, faster service and lower energy bills. Replacing, not upgrading, that old computer might make more sense than ever.

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