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photo of Grant Thomson, TAZ Networks Service Manager

Grant Thomson – our new Service Manager

We’re happy to announce that Grant Thomson is our new Service Manager.

Many of you already know Grant as one of our Senior Engineers and project lead. While he will continue to handle some technical items, his new role will be mostly “behind the scenes.” Grant will now also handle management and administrative tasks for our technical team.

If you don’t know Grant, you’re missing out. He’s been with us for four years, calmly and quietly handling any assignment, big or small. We enjoy his calm and cool demeanor around the office, but also the occasional jokey comment coming from over his cubicle wall.

Grant’s technical path started young, much like many of our other technical team members, when he started coding software on his home computer at age 14.

His professional path into IT started with an accounting course in college, where he ended up writing accounting software instead of doing actual accounting. Now, his varied experience includes working with Windows, UNIX, and proprietary operating systems. He is a 3CX certified engineer and holds a Parallels RAS technical certification.

Grant is diplomatic and cool under pressure, but tenacious with projects. His favorite kinds of projects are proof of concept projects (the kind everyone wants), as well as the “hot potato” projects (the kind no one else wants). His quiet, professional demeanor puts him in direct competition with Tavis for the coveted title of “Calmest Person in the Office.” This quality is another reason we are happy to have him as our Service Manager, starting March 1, 2019.

The next time you talk to Grant, be sure to congratulate him on his new position!

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