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Bright orange and yellow all-caps letters next to a triangle hazard symbol on a black background. Text reads "HACKER DETECTED!"

If only it was this easy to determine if your Microsoft Exchange server was hacked. (If you have email through M365, you should be okay.)

The President’s Corner

by Tavis Patterson

As we’ve discussed several times recently, Microsoft’s Exchange (email) server was recently hit with a very big security hole that caused tens of thousands of businesses (probably a lot more) to be hacked.

Why is this big news for everyone? For starters, anyone still on the older Exchange system should be thinking about upgrading right away. We’re thankful that most of our clients are on Microsoft 365 where Microsoft controls the security.

However, it does highlight the fact that any of our businesses is only as good as the code that we work from. In this case, some of our clients were hacked BEFORE an announcement of the security hole or a security patch was ever released. There is just no way to counteract this, unfortunately.

So what should you do? Because these problems can arise suddenly and without warning, make sure to have a layered approach to security. We recommend at least 5 layers of security now to protect all of us.



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