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managed legal IT service

An experienced provider of managed legal IT services goes beyond “fixing computers” to give you a technology system that frees you to work anytime and anywhere.

Can managed legal IT services help managing partners meet the challenges of running a law office? While you might have some computers in the office, do you have a a fully-functional, well-designed computer network? The right network — and the right legal IT support to maintain it — can help balance your budget, meet compliance requirements, help manage schedules for better productivity, and give you more time for billable work.

If you want more out of your computer network, consider how managed legal IT services can help:

  • Meet your firm’s financial requirements
  • Ensure compliance with legal and ethical requirements
  • Improve time management for better staff productivity
  • Free up more time for billable work.

Most managed legal IT support plans have a flat, monthly fee. Not only does this provide a predictable IT budget each month, the ongoing maintenance included in the contract also helps you plan ahead for needed upgrades to computer equipment and software. Cloud computing and hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) are options that can eliminate capital outlay. Whether you’re ready to move to the Cloud or prefer to keep all your files in-house, flat-fee IT services will help keep your budget under control.


All law firms have ethical standards and legal obligations. Most compliance programs, such as FISMA and HIPAA, include regulations that apply to electronic data storage and transmission. Other compliance and regulatory requirements cover disaster recovery, business continuity, and e-discovery. In addition, the security of your computer network affects client confidentiality. The right legal IT support team can help ensure your firm is in compliance and meeting requirements.


Imagine the convenience and peace of mind that can come from access to email and case files from anywhere. Improve communication among your legal team by making it easier to coordinate schedules for meetings and case strategy planning. Administrative software used for email, scheduling, time tracking, and accounting are the backbone of your firm. A technical support team with experience in legal administration software can solve your time management problems.


How much time do you spend each week, or each month, on computer-related issues? Wouldn’t you like to spend that time doing billable case work instead? An IT support team with the right legal expertise can do some of this heavy lifting for you. In this way, infrastructure management for telecommunications and computer systems, and IT-related strategy and planning, now become items that you can give final approval for, instead of doing all the research yourself.

An experienced provider of managed legal IT services goes beyond “fixing computers” to give you a technology system that frees you to work anywhere.

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