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Recent news reminds us all of the need to stay security aware.

The President’s Corner, by Tavis Patterson

It’s spring time in Michigan — hard to believe that most college kids are out of school already. I hope you have a great summer ahead and get out and enjoy all that Michigan has to offer as often as possible. I know I will!

Recent news is a good reminder to keep on your security “toes.” Be security aware, nimble, and always ready to update technology that needs it.

Social Media Threats Require a Solid Mobile Device Policy

With the recent announcement that WhatsApp was targeted with spyware and hackers actually gained access to phone conversations, you want to keep on guard with respect to any social media apps that your employees (or even family!) use. Do you have a social media or mobile device policy in place? It might be the time to check on that and update it. Make sure all employees are notified of security threats and update their apps whenever something like this comes out.

Urgent Windows XP, Windows 7 and Server 2003 Security Patches – Upgrade NOW If Still Using These

Microsoft announced this week a huge hole with mainly old operating systems that could have hackers enjoying your data. First make sure that all operating systems are up to date with security patches. If you have any of the above still in place it’s time to update that hardware IMMEDIATELY and get rid of the old stuff. It’s just too easy to get compromised on it. We recommend it all the time but need your help!

Stay security aware and have a great spring!

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