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The new NIST project will create cybersecurity standards for managed service providers.

Wow, November started off with a bang. Does it feel like January to anyone else? One minute I’m playing golf and the next I’m shoveling. Gotta love our state!

Many of you are familiar with The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). At a managed service providers (MSP) conference in early November, the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence and NIST introduced a new cybersecurity standard project focused on managed service providers like TAZ Networks.

I am happy to support this initiative. TAZ Networks already helps companies meet NIST compliance for their industry security standards. Now, MSPs will also have a standard. Most small businesses use MSPs to handle their IT; making sure those providers have a security standard is a great step that I’m firmly behind. It will benefit not just our clients, but all businesses that work with MSPs nationwide.

A greater focus on security is the only way that our entire industry will get better and safer and provide better overall support to our clients. If we start with our own security, then our clients will also benefit from the standards we use and implement at every client we support.

TAZ Networks will join the early-adopter program and make sure that how we support our clients complies with the new NIST MSP standards.

I look forward to the day when we can call ourselves a “NIST Compliant MSP”.

Hang in there and stay warm!

Tavis Patterson is the President and founder of TAZ Networks

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