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Slim down your network in 2019!

It’s a new year, and the old saw is that the gyms are full of well-intentioned people looking to improve their physical health. (Good for you, especially if you’re reading this on the treadmill. We wish you the best in your health-related endeavors.)

Slimming down your computer network can have benefits for your company’s financial health. While many growing businesses think they need more computers, more networking equipment, more security, and just plain more as they increase in staff and sales, here are three ways to slim down your computer network.

Slim down the extent of your network.

Several of our clients have slimmed down their network by going completely to the cloud. Even modern physical servers take up space in the office. Servers should have a locked, clean, and dry dedicated space. In addition, high-powered servers draw a lot of electricity and cause excess heat, which must be mitigated by HVAC systems. It causes a lot of hassle and expense, most of which we’ve accepted as just part of doing business. Cloud computing eliminates servers taking up specially-prepared space in the office and the added utility costs.

Some of our clients have even gotten rid of their office space altogether! Their team members work remotely from home or a local workspace. (Mobile device management is essential for this.)

Slim down the actual computers.

The upcoming end of support for Microsoft Windows 7 (January 14, 2020) is a good reason to upgrade hardware. After all, any computer that came with Windows 7 pre-installed will be over three years old by that time. Do you know how tiny PCs have gotten in the past three years? Mini or micro computers can house robust computing power and take up less room than a tissue box. Much like we all aspire to, laptops get more powerful, yet slimmer, every year.

Slim down the amount of time you spend managing your IT.

Are you tired of trying to keep up with technology? Not just the latest and greatest hardware and software, but with all the new security threats as well? Is managing your network too much for one person, but not enough to hire another full-time employee? Talk to us today about outsourcing all or part of your technology management to our team.

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