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Windows logoTAZ Networks started installing Windows 11 on our personal machines six months ago. When we did, we posted an initial impressions blog post. Initial impressions are not everything though, so now that we have been working with it for six months, we thought we would update you on our thoughts. Windows 11 has not seen any major changes since our last review, let’s see how it’s performing in three major aspects.

#1 Aesthetics

The look and feel of Windows 11 is definitely an upgrade from Windows 10. Although there are some annoying features or changes that do not make a ton of sense, after a couple of minutes personalizing your Windows 11 it is visually appealing. The centered taskbar is a refreshing feel that looks clean and polished. I do feel that some functionality is lost for appearance. Adding in unclear icons that are hard to understand was a confusing addition too.

#2 Performance

This is the area that is sort of lacking with Windows 11. It seems as if most machines run faster on Windows 10. Our team has reported performance issues with the upgrade to Windows 11. This is to be expected, whenever a new operating system is released, there are always bugs and issues that need to be fixed. So, while this is concerning, I do not think that this is a reason not to upgrade.

#3 Extra Features

Added features, as well as QOL changes to existing ones, have blended to create a seamless experience. This is where the personalization part of Windows 11 comes in. Personally, one feature that I turned off immediately was the chat feature. The chat app has been made so that it only connects with personal emails. Meaning that my work email would not work with it. Another feature that has been very annoying is the right-click function. While the menu looks much nicer, commands are buried under menus now for a “cleaner” look.

Overall Windows 11 is an upgrade. While it might make your machine slightly lack in performance, it has major upgrades to aesthetics and minor upgrades to any extra features. Our team is almost fully upgraded, and we have noticed that hardly any of our clients are. Enough time has passed to fix all the major release bugs. As an IT support company, our goal is to be your “IT team”, by upgrading to Windows 11 early this let us prepare to help you. We can assist with any problems you might have while upgrading or after upgrading. For any questions or concerns please contact us at

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