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Need support? Call, email, or enter a ticket at our portal.

We know that IT has a terrible reputation when it comes to actually providing support. It’s even immortalized in popular culture, including “Nick Burns” from SNL, and the whole basement-dwelling team at UK’s The IT Crowd. IT “guys” have a reputation for not listening, not explaining, and not caring.

But, would you put up with that from any of your other business advisors? If your accountant got frustrated when you asked about your tax liability, would you keep using them? What if you could never get your attorney on the phone? We think small businesses deserve better computer network support.

One way we provide professional expertise here at TAZ Networks is with our live, local service team. Every TAZ Networks staff person who answers the phone lives right here in southeast Michigan.

But during busy times, even our phone support gets backed up. What are the “next-best” ways to get support from us?

While our goal is to always answer the phone live during business hours, sometimes it simply isn’t possible. We offer these other methods to ensure we give you the support you need, as soon as we possibly can.

P.S.: We’re hiring! Who do you know who would be a good fit for TAZ Networks?

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