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A local fire station used to have a display board where they posted ongoing statistics regarding the number of runs made, fires put out, etc., for each year.

We thought that was a pretty neat idea, and wanted to do something similar. So, here are some ticket stats and other numbers from 2015 that you might find interesting.

  • We have 113 recurring service contracts, covering 51 clients.*
  • Under those contracts, we monitored 641 workstations and 140 servers.
  • In addition, we performed 889 on-site service calls.
2015 ticket stats

We completed 20,939 tickets in 2015, and only 24 of them were Critical level. That means our monitoring works!

Here are the numbers for tickets only:

  • 20,939 total tickets completed
  • 24 critical-priority tickets
  • 2617 high-priority tickets
  • 16,860 medium-priority tickets
  • 1,438 low-priority tickets

(Please note that ticket priorities are generally set by clients; we would not “demote” someone’s ticket to Low priority!)

We’re also still running our displays in the office that give us numbers for metrics like tickets completed today (35), our SLA first response percentage (93.3%), and average customer survey score for the past 90 days (4.82/5). For 2016, we will continue to keep an eye on our statistics, using our two up-to-the-minute office displays. While our focus is always on helping people first, having these numbers handy helps us do our best to handle issues in a timely manner.

*Many of our individual service contracts will be rolled into our new Complete IT Plans during 2016. Next year’s contract breakdown will be much different.


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