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What’s our key to business growth?

Well it’s summer in Michigan, and this is the time of year we love with pool parties, camping, graduations and just enjoying the outdoors. Take time to enjoy it a little and get out of the office!

We’ve enjoyed a tremendous growth spurt here at TAZ Networks this year. I feel it’s taken a two-fold focus that most of us small business owners have a hard time with:

  1. A commitment to sales.
  2. Accountability.

Commitment to Sales. To see dedicated growth there has to be someone dedicated to sales. For all too long, I’ve made the mistake of thinking I could handle sales myself. Then I would get taken away for some emergency and sales would slow for a while. Having dedicated people and processes to the sales function allows for growth without you even getting involved. First, though, are your processes. I had to discipline myself to write our sales playbook and make sure that I knew our process 100% before trying to get someone else to understand it. Put your thoughts down on paper so that everyone knows the way it should be done. Often I’ve made the mistake of thinking that others should KNOW our way and that’s entirely on me.

Accountability. At the beginning of the year we instituted a management system that took team accountability to a new level. I’m one person, and really, out of my lack of time, I had to find a way  to get others to work on and finish items. Thus, our management system allows all to succeed and gives the entire team the forum to speak up and take on their part. After that we check in to make sure everyone’s “rocks” or tasks are complete and on target.

Go make it happen! — Tavis

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