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by Tavis Patterson, President of TAZ Networks
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Disruptive technology could be one small change making a huge difference to your business.

Disruptive technology — what is that? Well it’s not technology that causes you downtime or headaches. Quite the opposite. “Disruptive technology” is using technology that is new, exciting, and world-changing to make your business, or your life, or your kids’ lives better than ever.

A practical example that I’ve recently started to use is the app Robinhood. This was recommended to me by my son and his friends. For years, stock brokerages have charged around $8-9 for trades in the stock market. Robinhood came out with disruptive technology where you trade only on an app with zero commissions. They make money on your excess cash on hand in their bank.That’s pretty disruptive to the financial services industry.  (Use this link to get one free share of a company from Robinhood.)

For us as an IT company, a “disruption” came about 7 years ago when a package of products came along that included our CRM and software to monitor and maintain PCs and servers. Bundled together, this technology disrupted our industry and enabled automation that eliminated much of the time, effort and frustration from the early years of technology support.

What’s your industry’s disruptive technology? How do you find it? Careful research by upper management will help identify this for your industry. A great place to look is your local industry trade show. Look for the small software maker with the small, inexpensive booth and see what they have. It could possibly be software that is totally disruptive to your industry. Sometimes getting in on the ground floor is the fast track to growth.


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