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medicine bottleSituation: You’re working on the month-end reports when the lights flicker, dim, then go out. When the power comes back on an hour later, you attempt to restore your files, only to find that:

  1. The server has no clue who you are or what you’re talking about, because the power outage corrupted the disk.
  2. Your only backup is on tape, and it’s from 4 days ago.
  3. OR – your backup system saves every 15 minutes, so you’re only missing about 10 minutes’ worth of your reports.

Many articles about backup and disaster recovery focus on natural disasters, and for good reason. Here in Michigan, however, we don’t get huge natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. Power surges, outages, and viruses are probably the most common way companies lose data in our area.

All the same, area businesses have been touched by natural disasters. In 2007, tornadoes touched down in downtown Fenton and Plymouth. Another hit Dexter, just north of Ann Arbor, in March 2012. In September 2008, floodwaters temporarily forced the Livingston County chapter of the Red Cross out of their building in Howell. And, of course, fires can break out anywhere in any season. So it’s good to have a backup system that can cover the minor glitches like power outages, and the big, true disasters as well.

Like firing bad employees or filing tax returns, creating a business continuity plan is one of the necessary evils of business life. There are so many things to think about: what kind of disasters are you likely to face? How can you keep working if access to your building is cut off? What do you need to do for your employees? How can you protect your sensitive business data?

Don’t let data loss destroy your business! TAZ Networks wants to help take some of the pain out of planning for your business continuity and recovering after a disaster.

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