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As data grows, so does the need for a cloud-based data backup system.

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A cloud-based data backup system helps you to protect data off site or plan for disaster recovery. Getting backups off site can be a challenge, however, due to:

  • Limited bandwidth
  • Exploding data volumes
  • Lack of resources and budget

Could cloud-based data backup be the right data availability option for your business? Read on to find out more.

Having an effective backup solution for your data is essential to running your business. For example, in today’s business world, data grows exponentially. In addition, you need to reduce the time to complete backups. At the same time, business continuity, availability, data protection and regulatory compliance require faster access to your backups. Unfortunately, off-site repositories and other legacy approaches simply won’t suffice in this fast-paced, fast-growth era.

However, while backup is absolutely essential for the overall security of your business, it is not where you want to spend a ton of money up front. In addition, even more money is needed down the road to keep up with data growth, maintenance, management and equipment upgrades.

Cloud backup as a service is proving to be an excellent solution for companies of all sizes—especially those with limited IT personnel and capital resources.

Here are 5 reasons every business should look into cloud-based data backup:

1: Maximize your IT resources

Why spend your limited IT resources on a basic function like backup, when the cloud makes it simple? Using a modern cloud solution, you can easily move backups off site to a service provider while maintaining complete visibility and control, end-to-end encryption and quick access to your backups whenever you need them.

2: Reduce total cost of ownership

An upfront capital expenditure investment in backup equipment can be expensive. And those expenses don’t stop coming, as upgrades and expansions continue with time and data growth. Using hard drives and other hardware for backups is an old model that just doesn’t work in our fast-paced modern era. In addition, you can take advantage of the cloud’s elasticity to pay for only what you need, when you need it. No more overpaying for “just in case.” Using a managed cloud backup solution turns data backup from a capital expenditure to a monthly operating expense.

3: Easily achieve best practices

For many companies, getting backups off site can be a challenge because of limited bandwidth, expanding data volumes and lack of resources to build or maintain a true off-site backup repository. With the right cloud backup-as-a-service solution, however, you can easily move backup to a cloud service provider with the necessary bandwidth. This ensures multiple-location, off-site data security.

4: Leverage the knowledge and experience of a service provider

As organizations move more workloads and applications to the cloud, they find huge benefits in working with an experienced cloud service provider. After all, how do you determine what kind of data backup solution your business needs? Simple storage? Managed storage? How often do you have to retrieve files or other data? Do you have regulatory compliance obligations? Do you need replication? Working with a cloud managed service provider, you can do a hands-on needs assessment and deploy a strategy specific to your organization.

5: Simplify, accelerate and improve disaster recovery

By moving to cloud backup as a service, you will immediately improve your ability to respond to a disaster or any other event that impacts availability. For example, your business can easily meet best practices in backup, which means your data is saved to multiple, secure locations. In addition, cut out the hassle of swapping hard drives. The right cloud backup solution can give you efficient and affordable disaster recovery.

Two Features to Look For

Industry-leading backup software is designed to take advantage of today’s highly virtualized environments. Look for a solution that has modern features such as end-to-end encryption and simple, high-bandwidth connectivity to get your backups off site and into the cloud service provider’s backup repository.

Consider which features and functions that fit the needs of your organization. Whether you are looking for a simple repository as a first-time cloud user or you are trying to maximize uptime and data protection with added-value capabilities, such as full-site failover to a remote site, get the options that will make running your business easier.

Taking the next step

When it comes to meeting the needs of today’s businesses and achieving the six critical benefits cited above, the No. 1 option is cloud solutions from Veeam in conjunction with a cloud managed service provider. This combination delivers:

  • Hosted off-site backups
  • Complete visibility and control
  • A modern backup architecture
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Built-in WAN acceleration technology
  • A broad ecosystem of cloud service providers, including all of the leading public cloud options

Is your organization ready to take its first step or the next step on the cloud journey by leveraging cloud backup as a service? Contact TAZ Networks today to have your questions answered in plain English by technology experts.

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